Kris Kobach’s ‘extreme vetting’ test shows his ignorance

The part of the test I find simply hilarious rather than overtly offensive:

Kobach’s proposed question about “equality of men and women”, innocuous though it may seem and tied to an important American civic value though it may be, has a problematic dimension in the context of questioning that would apparently be directed towards religious beliefs.  A number of religions that Kobach presumably does not wish to target do not provide for strict equality of men and women, in the sense of the rights of men and women in a specifically religious context.  Less than a month ago, Pope Francis ruled out the possibility of a woman ever serving as a Catholic priest….Some Christians believe that wives should submit to their husbands.  Could followers of those beliefs truthfully say, under penalty of perjury, that they supported full equality of men and women?


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My experience with sexual harassment and discrimination cases shows that often even men who articulate a view of equality will pass up women for hiring or promotions or ignore their pleas when they’re being harassed.

There is no doubt that a vast amount of men of all religions, and those who have no religion at all, do not see women as equals. Such a test, if answered truthfully, would exclude a massive amount of men, including U.S. citizens if they could be subjected to such questioning.