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Red Tape Causing Business Travelers to Avoid the US

February 7th, 2007 No comments

Because of slow processing times business travelers have been changing or canceling plans to enter the US. Euromonitor International, a European market-research firm, found that business travelers to the US declined 10% between 2004 & 2005 while business travelers to Europe rose 8% in the same period. In October 2006, the Association of Corporate Travel Executives issued a warning to business travelers that the US may seize and search their business laptops and storage media when they enter the US or even when they leave the US. This included the right to download the information for review. Private and proprietary information could be seized by the US government without any reason to suspect the business traveler was involved in any crime or terrorism.

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There is a need for security but these (unfortunately typical) overreactions simply hurt US interests in the long term. Especially as US economic power is on the decline.

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